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About me

After my youngest child became self-employed, I packed my bags in spring 2020 and realized my lifelong dream - to settle in Spain.


This step was the preliminary culmination of a process that began in 1982 with my first visit to Spain, during which I fell madly in love with this country. This process continued with two longer stays in Spain and business trips for a major bank to various Asian and European cities, where I was able to live out my curiosity and openness to cultural peculiarities.


This was followed by the family phase and contact with my current master (Sifu), who introduced me to the world of Chinese martial arts Kung Fu, Taiqi Quan, Qi Gong and meditation. Working with Chinese philosophy and the positive effect on my health, vitality and zest for life led me to complete training as a naturopath and nutritionist with a focus on traditional Chinese medicine. I wanted to pass on my experiences and be able to help those who were looking for help. Through several stays in a Zen monastery in Bavaria and in retreats in Switzerland, I got to know and appreciate the importance of inner harmony and mindfulness, and the desire to combine my interests and dreams and to put them into practice grew more and more . This desire was strengthened in my training as a soul coach and family constellation leader - here I finally learned to listen to my soul.   


My parents' finca suited my plans perfectly - a few km from the sea and Denia, in a quiet rural area with the striking Montgó mountain in sight. Here I was able to create a place of peace and encounter with my own potential, not just for myself. Courses in Qi Gong and meditation, introduction to the philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine and cooking classes for conscious eating in accordance with one's own needs take place here in a friendly and relaxed environment. Multi-day retreats with elements from the family constellation are suitable for an intensive break from everyday life with the full potential of change possibilities. I also offer individual sessions for all the areas mentioned.

Initial and continuing education

2007-today: Student of Sifu Kai Uwe Jettkandt, Wahnam Institute Frankfurt/Main, Germany - Kung Fu, Qi Gong, Tai Qi Quan and Zen

2017-2019: Soul Coach Seminar and Family Constellation Leader, Silke Freudenberg , Mömbris, Germany 

2015-2019: Practice for acupuncture and nutritional advice, Bad Homburg, Germany

2013-2016: Classical Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, ABZMitte Offenbach , Germany

2012-2013: Holistic nutritional advice with a focus on 5-element nutrition,  Isabel Ockert, Backnang, Germany

2012: Examination to become a state-certified naturopath

Several retreats at the Eisenbuch Zen Center and Monastery , Germany

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