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A retreat is a planned retreat - a break to recover from stress and gain new strength. In Albarda Retreat, the participants learn methods that support this process and that can also be used in everyday life.  


The day begins with a joint meditation and morning Qigong. Lectures on various topics, eating together according to the principles of the 5-element kitchen, exercises in the group and alone as well as meetings in the evening form the framework of a retreat. The spacious garden offers enough opportunities for retreat and contemplation, contact with nature is a welcome helper here. 


spring seminar   May 24 - May 26, 2022

Conscious motivation

Together with two experts from Frankfurt/Main in the areas of sport, business, mental exam preparation and dealing with critical situations, we will present the following topics over these two days:

  • meditation

  • qigong

  • 5 element diet

  • Mental training for everyday life and competition

  • Powerful NLP techniques for everyday use

  • fitness workout



(incl. meals and overnight stays on site)

The number of participants is limited.


spring retreat   May 26 - May 29, 2022


get in touch with your own presence

Meditation, Qigong and the conscious handling of nutrition are the cornerstones for a time of mindful handling of one's own self. The shared experiences of preparing meals and the early summer evenings on the terrace or by the pool strengthen the contact with one's own presence, as do the opportunities to retreat to the spacious property or to be in contact with the animals. Excursions to the beach or to the mountains complete the program.


(incl. meals and overnight stays on site)

The number of participants is limited.


What retreat participants say

"The daily routine was good and left enough room for other activities. Starting at 7 a.m. was also great! Starting the day with meditation and Qi Gong is a very good idea. Ending the day with Qi Gong in the evening is I personally thought it was beautiful." 

martin r

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