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Albarda Retreat & Guesthouse

A place to meet yourself

self-development on all levels

body - emotions - mind

The finca offers the ideal backdrop to pause and find yourself again through contact with nature. It is idyllically situated in a rural area with the Montgó mountain, the symbol of Dénia, on one side and a wide view of the coast of Dénia up to the mountains north of Valencia on the other side.


The house was built in 1997 on a former olive and almond plantation and many of these trees are still on the property and together with the old stone walls preserve the original character of the area.  


Shady spots under sprawling algarrobo trees or under a pergola overgrown with vines offer the ideal environment for qigong and taiqi sessions; under the pine trees you can wonderfully unwind in a hammock.


The pergola on the terrace with its outdoor kitchen is a popular place to enjoy breakfast, a siesta or social evenings, and the pool with outdoor shower invites you to cool off. In addition, several benches distributed on the property invite you to take a closer look at the diverse plants or to snack on the fruit trees (medlar, plum, apricot, peach, apple, fig, pomegranate, orange) or the grapes.  


The finca has a friendly dog, a slightly reserved tomcat and eight happy chickens who provide the best eggs, as well as a small vegetable garden where there is always something to harvest.

courses and retreats

Start the day with Qi Gong

Simple exercises in coordination with the breath harmonize the flow of Qi and thus bring more energy while at the same time relaxing on a physical, emotional and mental level.

Nutrition based on the 5 elements

This form of nutrition comes from traditional Chinese medicine and is adapted to western foods.


Sit up straight and watch your breath... nothing more. What sounds so simple leads to many questions that can be dealt with here.


A retreat serves to withdraw completely from everyday life for a few days in order to devote oneself entirely to one's own balance. Various offers help.


Julia Griffaton

Since February 2020 I have been realizing my dream of creating a place of rest and relaxation here in Spain. I would like to invite my guests to get in touch with their own needs with the help of nature, the animals and joint exercises in Qi Gong, meditation and the conscious choice of food, in order to find inner peace.

Individual care

nutritional advice

Here I can specifically address the personal circumstances (complaints, intolerances, daily routine, etc.).  


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This is particularly useful for those with physical limitations. I choose suitable exercises that increase the flow of Qi in the affected area and thus contribute to healing.


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"Without the knowledge of proper nutrition, it is almost impossible to enjoy good health."

Sun Si Miao, Chinese scholar 581 – 682 AD

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