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Qigong is a very old Chinese form of cultivating your own life energy (Qi). Regular practice improves health, emotional stability and zest for life.

Qigong is practiced standing. By coordinating simple physical exercises with the natural breathing rhythm, we activate the Qi flow in our body and thus also the self-healing powers. At the same time, we achieve inner independence from external influences during the exercise and concentrate entirely on ourselves. The relaxation of our body, our thoughts and our feelings enables an unhindered flow of Qi - and with it health and emotional stability.


Through regular practice of Qigong we can achieve


  • Health - Reduce pain, stay healthy, develop inner strength 

  • Vitality - more joy in life and in one's own actions

  • Longevity - long-lasting youthfulness

  • Mental clarity and freshness

  • Inner peace - the challenges of everyday life are no longer perceived as stress


It is enough to take 10 - 15 minutes a day for the exercise.

Qigong helps with chronic complaints, poor posture, emotional problems, stress, sleep disorders and generally promotes well-being.


Qigong is one of the 5 pillars (therapeutic methods) of traditional Chinese medicine alongside acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition and Tuina (special massage) and is used here to treat diseases. 

Weekly courses in Qigong

Qigong basic course

In this 4-week beginner's course, three particularly comprehensive exercises from the 18-Lohan hands program are presented. The aim of the course is  learning to allow free flow of energy. The selected exercises are particularly suitable for directly experiencing your own Qi flow. This is why these exercises are particularly good for beginners.

Next Qigong basic course

05/12/23, 9.30-10.30 a.m.

4 fridays


Qigong - The Eight Brocade Exercises

Here the first eight exercises from the 18-Lohan hands program are learned. Special exercises stimulate the flow of energy in different areas of the body and thus have special effects there. The increased energy helps to release blockages on both a physical and emotional level and, with regular practice, leads to greater health and balance.

Individual Qigong instruction

Here I can specifically address your concerns in a 1-to-1 support. This is particularly useful for


  • intensive multi-day introduction/supervision in Qigong for short stays or holidays 

  • physical complaints that do not allow participation in the group

Contact me if you are interested. 

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