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5 element diet


The 5-element diet has its origins in traditional Chinese medicine, where it is also used in special clinics to treat illnesses.


Diet plays a crucial role as a source of energy. Our personal performance in everyday life as well as that of our bodily functions depends crucially on what food we eat.  


Good quality nutrition is easily digested and provides more energy than is needed for digestion. We achieve this by:


  • Local Food - Food that grows naturally in the area

  • Seasonal foods - in harmony with the seasons

  • Carefully prepared food - to support digestion

  • spices and herbs  


This type of nutrition is not new to us either, but was practiced by our ancestors until a few generations ago. Unfortunately, with the beginning of industrialization and the use of highly processed food, knowledge of the importance of healthy nutrition has largely been lost or has been displaced by ever newer nutritional trends.  


Courses in 5 element nutrition

In my courses I present the basics of the 5-element diet, adapted to today's needs.  

For the treatment of special topics, I offer individual nutritional advice. This is particularly useful for the following topics:  

  • Feel-good weight, lose weight, gain weight

  • food intolerances

  • menopause

  • skin problems

Individual nutritional advice

An individual nutritional consultation includes at least 2 appointments. The first appointment serves to get to know the client and his daily routine and to draw up an anamnesis. The first recommendations for changing your diet are also given here. The client then receives customized recipes and background information on the concept of 5-element nutrition by email. During the second appointment, we will then clarify the questions that have arisen during implementation and, if necessary, adjustments will be made to the recommendations. Depending on individual needs, further appointments can then be arranged.

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