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spring retreat    

May 26 - 29, 2022

Meditation - Qi Gong - 5 elements nutrition

Following the spring seminar, there is the opportunity to experience deep relaxation on a physical and spiritual level through the regular practice of meditation and Qi Gong. This process is supported with food based on the 5-element diet, which we prepare together.  

We start the morning with meditation and Qi Gong together, using the invigorating energy of daybreak. Then we prepare breakfast together according to the 5-element diet, which we then eat together on the terrace.

After breakfast you will learn about the basics of the 5-element diet and how you can gain more energy with it. Topics we discuss:

  • What does a healthy diet look like according to traditional Chinese medicine? Fundamentals to understand how vitality depends on nutrition and digestion.

  • Our diet in harmony with the times of the day and also with the seasons. 

  • Ideas for high-energy nutrition on the go or in everyday working life: take-away meals so that you don't fall into an energy hole.

  • How does an appropriate diet affect psychological stability, concentration, mental clarity and restful sleep?

Afterwards, the day can be used for excursions or explorations in the area or simply for relaxing by the pool or in the garden.


In the evening we meet again to practice Qi Gong before we prepare dinner together and end the day on the terrace.


Activities offered according to interest:

Excursion to the beach, visit to the market hall of Denia, visit to a Mediterranean park, visit to a producer's market.


included services

  • 3 nights

  • 3 meals daily 

  • All day water, tea and fruit

  • Use of the pool

  • Each room has air conditioning, hair dryer

  • Hand and bath towels, bed linen

  • Daily seminar program

  • documents via email




The number of participants is limited.

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